What is the maximum rucksack weight limit relating to body size/weight/stature on a DofE expedition?
Page 45 of The DofE Expedition Guide: ‘All rucksacks must be weighed before departure and packs should not be more than one quarter of the participant’s own body weight.’

Does the DofE have any advice on going to the toilet in the outdoors?
There is some text about wild camping on page 42 of The DofE Expedition Guide, but it simply says that participants should complete the appropriate training. There is some more information in EX2: ‘If no toilets are available, you can dig a latrine at least 50 metres away from any stream and any place that might be used by other campers to pitch their tents. Using a trowel, remove the turf in one place and dig a hole at least 20cm deep (8 inches). Replace the turf after use so that there is no trace left. Do not remove rocks and then replace them as this leaves the site unusable for other campers.’ The Mountaineering Council of Scotland produce a useful guide on this subject – it can be downloaded from

Can practice expedition teams have more than seven people in them?
No. Page 68 of The Handbook for DofE Leaders states that ‘practice expedition(s) must replicate as closely as possible the conditions of the actual expedition.’ This is covered in more detail in The DofE Expedition Guide, page 152.

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